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Natural Vs Pharmaceutical Endo Treatments

In this video, I’m going over the pros & cons of both natural and pharmaceutical ways of treating endometriosis symptoms, as well as briefly touching upon the various options that are available for each of those methods.

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QiGong Detox Flow for Endometriosis

This short 20 Minute QiGong Detox Flow is designed to help your body detox by activating your vital organs such as your liver, spleen and kidneys. It will not only increase your blood circulation and open up your lymph node areas, but also relax your pelvic muscles while moving your Qi. Practiced everyday it will aid your body in getting rid of toxins faster, relax your body and calm your mind. Perfect as a gentle wake-up morning exercise! 

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QiGong Exercise for Endometriosis – Open your Pelvis (Part 2)

This is a normal day QiGong exercise that is more intense than Part 1. It’s designed specially to open up the pelvis and invite energy flow. It will help open up and release tension in key areas, move that stagnation and make you feel re-energized. 

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QiGong Exercise for Endometriosis – Warm up/ Moon Days (Part 1)

This is a light QiGong exercise that can be done as a warm up or during your menstruation. It’s designed especially to move your blood around and invite better energy flow. It will help open up and release tension in key areas and make you re-energized.  So join me and Oliver on the mat and let’s do some QiGong!

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How Can QiGong Help With Endometriosis?

In this video, I’m speaking with Oliver Ditullio (a QiGong teacher) about how QiGong exercises can benefit women with pelvic pain and removal of stagnation in the body which contributes to endometriosis development.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Endometriosis – Interview with Dr. Yuan Ting

This is my interview with Dr. Yuan Ting at the TCM Center in Kuala Lumpur, who was so kind to share her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine in explaining this alternative method of treatment for endometriosis.

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