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Suffering from endometriosis?

You are not alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Endo360Help has been created as a well-rounded go-to space for women who suffer from endometriosis. It is meant to educate, inform and provide helpful advice to women who are looking for answers about their condition. It explores various strategies to manage endometriosis symptoms and reduce pain naturally.

In my blog, I’m discussing everything I’ve learned about endometriosis through my own endo journey and extensive research. I hope you’ll find useful information here that will help you heal and allow to find peace with your endo.

8 Steps to Prepare For Endometriosis Surgery

8 Steps to Prepare For Endometriosis Surgery

The nature of endometriosis means that as endo women we are often subjected to endure repeated surgeries. Since this is a recurring theme in the lives of many of us, finding a successful strategy in dealing with pre-surgery stress and post-surgery recovery is a vital...

8-Point Body Detox For Endometriosis

8-Point Body Detox For Endometriosis

We are surrounded by toxins and heavy metals and deal with them every day, dozens to hundreds of times. From the water we drink and wash ourselves in, our toiletries and cleaning products to the food we consume, the containers we buy and store them in, not to mention...

6 Ways to Boost Immunity to Manage Endometriosis

6 Ways to Boost Immunity to Manage Endometriosis

With the current pandemic upon us, it is essential to know how we can boost our immunity, not just for rare, extreme cases like this one, but also for seasonal flu outbreaks and our everyday life with endo. In this article, I concentrate on six different ways on how...

Yoga and QiGong

Life = Movement

Every cell in your body is a living and breathing part of you. It needs not only the vital nutrients obtained through food to function correctly but also the essential oxygen and movement to reduce stress and tension.

Here you’ll find some Qigong, Yoga and Breathing exercises that I have found to be revolutionary with improving blood circulation, reducing tension, and helping with pain management. So relax, breathe, and let it go…

Hi There!

I’m Izzy Lewis, and I’m here to help you make sense of the enigma disease affecting 176 mln women worldwide today – Endometriosis.

Ever since my endo diagnosis and realizing surgery can only help so much, while synthetic hormones only make matters worse in the long run, I’ve been on a continuous mission. I made it my goal to educate myself and test various natural healing strategies to reduce pelvic pain and relieve endometriosis symptoms. 

This challenging yet rewarding journey brought me to where I am today – the position from where I can advise, inform, and educate women like yourself on your healing journey through endometriosis.

“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

– Hippocrates

My Mission

As a fellow Endo Fighter and a passionate promoter of a holistic approach in the treatment of endometriosis and general well-being, I’ve created Endo360Help. This space is for all of you brave and strong women out there who are struggling to find natural strategies of dealing with this chronic condition and want to become more informed and empowered on the journey of living well with endometriosis.

My Approach

By continuously educating myself about many alternative methods of treatment such as diet, supplements, herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), detoxing and many other unconventional therapies, as well as being a keen and regular practitioner of Yoga, Qigong, and Meditation, I managed to completely change my life around and take control of my symptoms. I believe that each one of us has an incredible potential to heal our bodies naturally; we just need to explore and find our winning formula.

My Endo Healing Formula


An anti-inflamatory, nutrient-heavy diet is the core of your endo treatment.


Good quality, easy-digestible supplements to fill the nutrient gaps.


Helping your body remove harmful wastes is essential.


Improving blood flow and releasing physical/mental tension through balanced exercise.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Applying “Wisdom of the East” through acupuncture and Chinese herbs.


Making lifestyle changes necessary to reduce everyday stress in your life.

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